I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately... I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life..." 
Henry David Thoreau

Information and Rates


We currently offer two kinds of outside events around Fairfield County, CT on weekends in warm weather months:

  YOGA HIKING is a 2 hour event that is split half yoga and half hiking. Most hikes are 'easy' (flat) or 'moderate' (inclines and declines, but nothing too steep), and we hike around 3 miles total in most locations. We provide a yoga mat (or bring your own if you like). You'll want to wear hiking boots, running shoes, or cross trainers depending on the terrain of each spot. The yoga asana portion includes sun salutations, flows, balances, strength building, stretching, and relaxation. 

SIMPLY YOGA is a one hour yoga classes (without hiking) held in natural settings of parks, beaches, etc. The class alternates between Classical and Ashtanga Vinyasa styles. Classical is the traditional method of focusing on each posture independently, with an optional flow added during standing asanas. Ashtanga Vinyasa originated in Mysore, India under K. Pattabhi Jois in the early 20th century, and it became the root of 'power' yoga in the US. We will be working from the Primary Series with modifications. Please note that technically this is different from Ashtanga, which refers to the Patanjali Yoga Sutras from around 200 C.E. and includes '8 limbs'.  
Event participation fee for YOGA HIKING and SIMPLY YOGA classes through this site is $13/per person for a single class, $22/per person for 2 same day consecutive classes, payable by credit card Discounted packages are also available!  Three classes for $33 and five classes for only $42. There is NO expiration date for packages, and they may be shared among family and friends. Go to Register for a class now to join us at one of our upcoming events !
In the case of your cancelation at least 2 hours before your event's start time, for single classes you may RESCHEDULE or receive a FULL REFUND, and for 3 amd 5 class packages, you may RESCHEDULE the class for another date. If the event is canceled due to inclement weather, single classes may be RESCHEDULED OR REFUNDED, and packages may be RESCHEDULED. Forecasts on weather.com of 50% or greater chance of rain will lead to cancelation. We will make every effort to notify participants of a cancellation as early as possible.
We offer discount packages for your party or group's special event as well. Please contact us with a description of your group and number of people, and we'll work out a plan especially for you!
First time participants will be requested to sign a waiver at the start of the event.

In 1982 in Nagano Prefectue, Japan, the term SHINRINYOKU ('Forrest Bathing")was introduced by Tomohide Akiyama, Director General of the Forestry Agency. Its original intent was just for people to get out and be refreshed by nature. Now the term has become a movement around the world, often organized into outdoor meditative group activities.  
Private and Small Group Guidance
One on one or small group guidance aimed specifically for your needs, interests, and yoga experience offers countless benefits. In our 60 minute classes, we will work together to arrange a program that will help you meet your goals for self-improvement and better health through yoga. Yoga practice needs to be regular to receive maximum effects, and  together we will create a practice just for you that is practical and sustainable given your current life situation. Some possible areas of focus include yoga for general health and happiness, exercise, relaxation, meditation, stress, weight loss, prenatal, chronic aches and pains, anti-aging, hypertension, eyes, chair, elderly, and more. Yoga cannot be used as treatment for any medical condition, but  frequent and regular practice can help us to deal with all the things that come our way in life.
The current rate is $80 per class in locations within 15 miles of Norwalk, CT. 
If interested, first please get in touch via email by going to Contact , and we will decide what you want to focus on and arrange a date and time for your class.
You will receive a FULL REFUND for your cancelation at least 24 hours before the class start time. After that, there is 50% refund for cancelation 24-12 hours notice, 25% refund for cancelation 12-2 hours notice, and  there is no refund for cancelations of under 2 hours.
First time participants will be requested to sign a waiver at the start of the class.